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Midnight Scoops Returns for its 11th Summer

Updated: Apr 24

We are ecstatic to announce our11th Summer of Midnight Scoops!

10 years ago, one of our servers noticed that there was a ~serious~ craving for late night ice cream in Bloomington. It also happened that the summer solstice was happening on Saturday night later that month, so he had a wild idea: Turn the first day of summer into a nightlong celebration for our favorite season! We planned to stay upon that night until midnight and dubbed it “Midnight Scoops.”

Twinkle lights at Scoops
Midnight Scoops is now a summer tradition for Bloomington ice cream lovers.

When we strung up twinkle lights and turned off the overheads to create the perfect summer ambiance, little did we know that it would turn into a five-year tradition that would happen multiple times each summer.

Following the fever from the first ever Midnight Scoops in 2014, we decided to stay open again until midnight following Bloomington’s fireworks on July 3rd and then again on the night before our favorite holiday, National Ice Cream Day.

The year, we’re celebrating the 11th Anniversary of our Midnight Scoops Series how we know best. On Saturday, June 15th, we’re staying open until Midnight and giving away Scoops swag and ice cream prizes all night long.

Who’s ready to celebrate with us?

Here is our 9th Anniversary Series of Midnight Scoops:

Saturday, June 15th: We’re celebrating the Summer Solstice!

  • Open until midnight.

  • Scoops swag.

  • Ice cream prizes.

  • Starlit summer lights go on at 9:30.

Wednesday, July 3rd: Happy Independence Day Eve!

Saturday, July 20th: National Ice Cream Day Eve.

  • Open until midnight.

  • We can’t wait to celebrate National Ice Cream Day so we’re starting early!

  • Stay tuned for all of the fun we have in store for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 21st.

Share your midnight scoops photos with us on Facebook and Instagram! #midnightscoops


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