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Since we opened in 1994, we have thoroughly enjoyed serving the best customers in the Twin Cities and in the state of Minnesota. We take pride in being able to offer a unique and fun atmosphere for our customers to enjoy some of the best ice cream in the Twin Cities!

How was it that Scoops came to be?

(It was fate.)

Scoops began as an idea in the heads of owners Mark and Heidi Wavinak after their son had a baseball at Dred Scott Field in Bloomington. When their son came up to bat, the crowed uttered a collective sigh. To buck up hi son, Mark told him, "If you hit a ball into the outfield, we'll take you out for ice cream. Minutes later, their son hit the ball deep into right field. The only problem was, at the time, that there wasn't an ice cream shop in Bloomington. And the Wavinaks wanted good ice cream.

That fall, their son came home from school with a homework assignment that asked him to create a scale layout for a made up ice cream shop called "Scoops."  Later that winter, Mark and Heidi found a spot across the street from Dred Scott  with the exact dimensions of their son's homework assignment. They knew it was fate.

It started out as a 10-year plan. By bringing ice cream to Bloomington, Mark and Heidi gave high school students in Bloomington and Eden Prairie a fun place to work during the summer; it gave teams somewhere to cool off after playing across the street at Dred Scott; and it became a fantastic place for families and friends to come to for a treat. But the roots we have grown in the Bloomington community keep growing deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Now, 29 years later, we're continuing to grow and bring the Twin Cities fun ways to enjoy ice cream. With annual events and celebrations (our Midnight Scoops Celebrations, for example), we're having more fun than ever.

As the community’s staple dessert destination, Scoops continues to grow and bring Bloomington what we initially set out to do 29 years ago: bring the community the best ice cream, service, and atmosphere in the Twin Cities.

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