How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Updated: Jun 13

This Sunday, July 17th, marks our ~favorite~ holiday of the year, National Ice Cream Day (woo!).

The holiday is part of National Ice Cream month (July!) and was signed into law by President Ronald Regan in July of 1984. We're sure that George Orwell would've approved of this particular societal development.

This summer, we at Scoops are celebrating our 28th year (yay!). So how do we want to celebrate our 28th year in the 37th year of National Ice Cream Day with you?

Here's the scoop (puns!):

Step 1: We're starting early.

We're impatient so, for us, the party starts on National Ice Cream Day Eve (Saturday, July 17th from 9:30 to midnight!)) with Midnight Scoops!

We will be open and counting down until Midnight. Starting at 9:30, we're turning on the twinkle lights Plus Saturday night ice cream cravings are a thing so it's a win-win situation. Literally.

Step 2: We want to see your talent!

We're decorating the sidewalk outside of Scoops all day on Sunday, and we want you to help! Get ready to showcase your best ice cream chalk art. We've got the chalk, you bring the ideas.

Step 3: More giveaways!

Remember the giveaways from previous Midnight Scoops? We've had a lot!

This year, we are giving out coupons for free ice cream on a future visit to Scoops!

Are you ready for the party? Share your excitement, foodie photos, and fun with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Happy National Ice Cream Day (Month!)!