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Celebrate Summer with Midnight Scoops!

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Summer nights equal late nights, right?

Our summer Midnight Scoops series kicks off on Saturday, June 16th. In celebration of the Summer Solstice, we’re shutting off the regular lights and turning on our starlit, summer lights from 9:30 until we close at midnight.

It’s the best way to satisfy your late night ice cream cravings and celebrate the official start of summer. Make sure to invite your family, friends, and S.O.’s to one of the best parts about summertime at Scoops.

Here is our entire Midnight Scoops series:

Saturday, June 17th: Celebrate the Summer Solstice!

  • Open until midnight.

  • Starlit summer lights go on at 9:30

Tuesday, July 3rd: Happy Independence Day Eve!

Saturday, July 14th: National Ice Cream Day Eve.

  • Open until midnight.

  • We can’t wait to celebrate National Ice Cream Day so we’re starting early!

  • Stay tuned for the fun (seriously) we have planned for National Ice Cream Day, Sunday, July 15th.

Share your midnight scoops photos with us on Facebook and Instagram! #midnightscoops


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